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Welcome To Killer Bee Software

Home Of Empire Deluxe And The Perfect General
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News updates for all games will be posted on the Itch Community Page, the Steam Store Page and the Reddit Page.

It has been my goal to keep the Empire Deluxe Series and the original Perfect General alive and well. This started in late 2002, when the rights for both games were acquired by Killer Bee Software. In the past ~20 years, several games have been produce by this very Indie Dev, most recent of which is

Empire Deluxe Combined Edition

The latest version of Empire Deluxe, which combines previous versions into one.

Other links and games:

"EDCE" >>> "Empire Deluxe Combined Edition"

  • Released in 2018, Combined the game play from EDIE and EDEE
  • Itch Store Page
  • Steam Store Page
  • Steam Discussion Group
  • Itch Community Page
  • Reddit Page
  • Open Extras Directory @ Killer Bee for source code, map, graphics, manual, etc.
  • Yahoo Discussion Group (may be gone shortly).

    "EDME" >>> Empire Deluxe Mobile Edition

  • Released in 2013, these mobile versions will not be moving to 64 bit so avaialbility may be fleeting.
  • Android Devices at Google Play
  • Kindle Fire at the Kindle App Market.
  • iOS version no longer avaialble.

    "EDEE" >>> Empire Deluxe Enhanced Edition

  • Released in 2004, adds new rules and options to 1993 play.
  • EDEE Extras Page
  • Empire Deluxe Yahoo Group (soon to be gone -- archived).
  • EDEE Yahoo Mod Group (soon to be gone -- archived).

    "EDIE" >>> Empire Deluxe Internet Edition

  • Released in 2003, very close to the original 1993 Empire Deluxe (same source base)
  • EDIE Extras Page

    "PGIE" >>> The Perfect General Internet Edition

  • Released in 2003, The Original Perfect General (not PGII)
  • Extras Page
  • The Perfect General Yahoo Group(soon to be gone -- archived).
  • The Greatest Battles Of The 20th Century Scenario Disk
  • PGIE Challenge Site

    News of The Past

  • News Archive


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