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Empire Deluxe Combined Edition Patch Notes

Last Updated November 9, 2018

Build 017 - released 11/09/2018

  • Catch put in to Map file reader to replace errant terrain values for defined city locations
  • Update To Unity 2017 caused email sending error (fixed)

    Build 016 - released 10/19/2018

  • Upgraded To Unity 2017.4.8 : Please report any unusual issues
  • Error found in loading localization file
  • Dead players could affect turn cycle
  • Added Fileshare Service, Please read manual starting page 86
  • 2017 appears to resolve Window out of focus CPU issues
  • Alt-text line reading now adjusted to search multiple lines of a file for alternate path info. This allows shared data installation usage where the shared path may be named differently.
  • Children of Children were not transferred properly
  • Potential trouble in moving a transport on stacked units resolved
  • Trucks should not be able to pick up dug-in units
  • Morphing a unit under a truck could cause a crash
  • Removed unused “build verbage” in unit modding
  • Sometimes unit paths through bases were not optimizing with roads
  • AI ranged fire was not always showing up on the map when it occurred
  • Unit Pathing with mines could prevent some move attacks

    Build 015 - released 06/28/2018

  • Added construction times to tip info
  • Added Movement Location to tip info
  • Email games could attempt start when trying to play a scenario with no capitals and Cap Kill VC was on.
  • Keyboard combos with group orders could cause issues in Network Games.
  • Bug discovered in early turn checking.
  • Map Labels would not properly un-marshall in network games. Network protocol now set to 3.
  • Morph control button graphics now do Neutral for currently Disabled but possible, Sentry for highlight.
  • Orbitals Units could not be dropped by TR/AT.
  • Enhanced Set Ground Units now cna attack stranded ground based orbital units.
  • Way point settings on map labels were not being saved in network games.
  • Land/Water square percentages shown in the map editor summary.

    Build 014 - released 06/01/2018 (No Longer Early Access)

  • Game versioned as Production Release
  • AI Unit Type Query could send wrong identifier when used in modded AI's
  • Added Waypoint Hotkeys for Map Labels
  • New units on a copy in mod db did not set their self scan range. (Defaulted to could not see themselves).
  • Load Game text had some confusion ('current' vs 'default') regarding inbound/outbound directories for email.
  • Tutorial Text slightly adjusted.
  • Units constructing next to neutrals will not request order confirmation each turn.
  • Explore search range expanded to facilitate some modification settings.
  • StandardAI player (Enhanced AI) was misinterpreting target unit levels.
  • StandardAI player (Enhanced AI) was causing a null reference when subs wanted to go home to repair.
  • Added ability in map maker to copy and paste rectangular map sections.
  • Unhandled Network Exception found which may have caused the stale windowed network client issue.
  • Friendly City Orders were not blanked out in Order of Battle Dialog
  • End Turn/Send Aircraft home was causing issues in network games
  • Certain Group Orders could cause a network game hang.
  • Error in marshaling movement error raised network protocol number to 2.
  • Dig In Button was active when the rule was unchecked.

    Build 013 - released 04/12/2018

  • Engineers in the process of digging in should not be allowed to do construction.
  • Production report slider was not working on report groups of more than 12.
  • Priority Help Text in Production Window was incorrect.
  • Final Saves Can now be archived.
  • Drop, Launch, Land were sending duplicate events – caused issue with landing.
  • HA on mountain roads could not be picked up.
  • Missiles in movement combat could cause AI crash.
  • Network games that used to be email games would not allow appropriate save/shutdown commands
  • Dedicated Server” network games now auto save. Network games with a “local player” do not auto save.
  • Network Games can now be archived.
  • There have been some signs that Network Clients can become “disengaged” when windowed and not focused. Steps have been taken to prevent this.
  • Final Saves more accurately reflect turns in view
  • Network games with large maps could cause race conditions preventing server player from getting a game client.
  • Allow Unit Names rule now more in sync with combat as well as spotting.
  • Made adjustments to early turn change checking.
  • Dedicated Server did not receive some chats on display
  • Dedicated Server can now clear messages

    Build 012 - released 03/09/2018

  • Neutralized cities with supply crash game on recapture.
  • Display had issue on Experimental when modified terrain graphics were not 128x128 in size.
  • Config Files had full paths to map/scenario files, making sharing difficult.
  • Units dropped on mines must fight mines
  • Units dropped are subject to defensive fire checks
  • Units landing on mines must fight mines
  • Units landing are subject to defensive fire checks
  • Units taking off are subject to defensive fire checks
  • Launching Units may attack orbital units overhead on launch.

    Build 011 - released 03/02/2018

  • Keypad down arrow overshooting in Construction List could cause Linux version to explode.
  • Added “Experimental” option (vs “Original”) for CPU utilization in Administration Screen. This is a different implementation of the Unity Scene which will allow the rendering overhead to reduce over time as the game stands.
  • Ground based Artillery Attacks can Destroy mines
  • OF, AB, FT, PT could not be disbanded directly. Now Gift Unit in Order of Battle gives the disband option.
  • Increased truncation length of email game file name. Removed redundant word "Start".
  • Hot seat games were hanging on client initialization
  • Spotting blocking by host checks were only checking immediate host.
  • Armor Units only lose one movement point when loaded by transport.
  • Production Dialog has Important/Capital symbols.

    Build 010 - released 02/16/2018

  • More optimization work, an ongoing process, but hopefully noticeably better
  • Mine combat did not take stacking into account if a unit survived
  • Units now avoid visible mines when pathing – but one step moves are still allowed for sacrifices
  • Morphing Name attribute was an artifact not really used effectively, so it was removed
  • Morphing Experience on maintain stats in sync with morphed into experience levels (for mods).
  • Added Unused Unit Control Button container (check it out via Sort)
  • Construction/Destruction Mine Path/Road Path Command now available.
  • Added Construction Path Display Toggle
  • Initializing Player Clients in a network game now has a counter
  • Some changes in underlying Network play socket architecture – no protocol changes – for optimization purposes
  • ”Server Disconnected” now displayed when network server disconnects.
  • Added nwguide.txt explanation file in additions. Only need to review if having trouble with sending data to clients when the game starts/they log in.
  • A game with three or more players and exploration off could have caused turn cycling issues
  • Stacking on roads was potentially causing pathing issues for units far behind but trying to move to a location ahead.
  • Added Partial Game Name to Email file name
  • Solitaire game starts out of position 1 now show turn/player changes before player's first turn
  • Engineers would reset construction times when given the same construction command
  • Fixed Potential crash with truck on EN/OF/road stack
  • In the production dialog, using keys to step/page down the production list when already at the end, and then pressing “set” would cause crash.
  • Captured Notice for a city with a specialty was displaying specialty key instead of short name.
  • Dedicated Network Server was unable to cleanly shutdown or save

    Build 009 - released 01/24/2018

  • MP3 Custom sounds were failing to load. Unfortunately, the Unity Engine does not have licensing to allow MP3 usage at run time except for mobile platforms, so users are restricted to working with OGG and WAV. Manual has been updated.
  • Maps and Scenarios can now be uploaded and downloaded to a rudimentary repository. If sharing improves this will as well.
  • Conditions could cause custom sounds to lock the game at startup.
  • Units Sets now have a complimentary “assets” folder (in the udb directory). Here Mod specific unitimages, terrain images, city images, road/bridge images, move/defeat/attack sounds and unit names files can be added without the need to set them globally.
  • Range Fire Sound now reflects attacking unit attack sound if seen.
  • Modified units which could see a city and not the city terrain would cause issues with the Enhanced AI.
  • Unit Set Can now be selected BEFORE Map generation in editor.
  • Modded Air units in an orbital host could attempt a take-off
  • Modded Constructors with range could not construct if landed and out of fuel.
  • Modded Ranged Fire Units could not fire across levels.
  • Ranged Units Dropped From orbit will not lose fuel
  • Trucks were unable to drop
  • Correction Made in manual regarding drain priority
  • When supplies were consumed, producers with 0 supplies would report contributing 0 supplies.
  • Drain demands were cutting into minimum supply levels.
  • Added Option in Production Dialog to automatically apply supply towards production
  • Enhanced AI got a tweak on the defaults to make it explore more
  • Readiness and Experience level added to status bar line when allowed in rules
  • Level one HE units could not “land” in no stacking games.
  • Wasteland status of a location was not being carried across network games
  • Victim of a nuke would still think it has a city it could not see was causing problems.
  • Network Protocol now at NW:1
  • A Missile going into Reentry was not causing a sighting update
  • Added DB Button to production dialog to view selected production unit details
  • Exposed Nuclear Detonation Percentage for unit modification (was hard coded to 50%)
  • Nuclear Rolls Revealed regardless of single/multiplayer games

    Build 008 - released 01/10/2018

  • Recon Timer was not being used in off turn display
  • Added Enemy Movement Timer in options for enemy movement, a value of 0 means no pause.
  • Combat and recon reports were not loading on a continued turn from a save.
  • Patrol Lines were sometimes stranded as artifacts in line/map straddle masking.
  • UnitDB Mod – Copy Unit brings over combat stats, scanning stats of other units towards the original to the copy.
  • Final Stats/Hall Of Fame stats searches modified unit sets for new key types.
  • Tree View could show incorrect order states if there is no active unit.
  • Successful Detonation could cause a duplicate Death Events for target owner, which the Expanding AI Player did not like.
  • Sea Bees can now be carried by TR, TK, PB (AT was only one). This change will not be reflected in any Unit Set created through copy.
  • 2 AI Player Types (Expand/Enhanced) were not always reacting to a “Not Enough Points” movement result, which had the potential to caused looping with modified unit sets.
  • Game was allowing Enhanced AI to attempt to produce supply if supply rules were turned off.
  • In unit modification, canceling when selecting a road terrain/time could cause issues with the display of the road queue in the mod dialog.
  • Modified Orbital units can now construct without crashing the game. Units constructed must be able to either carry or be carried by the constructor. (Applies to SUB level construction as well).
  • Modified Orbital Units can drop ground units to the map surface.
  • Modified Orbital Units can load/unload in Orbit.
  • Hosted Units were not spotting when host moved and allowed to spot
  • Fixed Some Typos
  • When launched, modified orbital unit payloads were not set at the orbital level.
  • Production Report could have issues if multiple production events occurred at the same location
  • Automatic switches between drain and supply now reported in Production Report
  • Directional Keys on Keyboard Move-To mode can now be held down with repeating results.
  • Attacking units in movement combat give their true position to the defender after victory.
  • Modded damaged icons were not being displayed on the map

    Build 007 - released 12/22/2017

  • Cleaned up some unnecessary networking log messages
  • Status Report Production Efficiency was not being properly displayed in Status Report as it degraded.
  • Patrol Lines spanning across small wrap maps addressed to some degree.
  • With Auto start off, a double alert to reports was being issued.

    Build 006 - released 12/15/2017

  • Mod-based units with remaining hit points sometime would miss processing when surrounded by non-clear terrain
  • Some Harmless Graphical errors reported in log were cleaned up.
  • Clicking on an enemy unit for aircraft attack could make the sighting disappear.
  • Typo repairs
  • Status bar text was dying during certain combat report text lengths.

    Build 005 - released 12/11/2017

  • In no stack games, construction of oil field could cause a display crash
  • Client had trouble with displaying multiple units in a location in no stacking games
  • Scroll bar in Scenario Position Dialog did not work properly
  • Unit Type was not being removed from repair types when deleted in the set modification
  • Accounts can be “Exported and Imported” from administration. Manual info added.
  • Ranged Fire Combat Reports would not bring report on map.

    Build 004 - released 12/07/2017

  • some misspellings corrected
  • Drain indicator would appear in non-drain games on file reload
  • Aircraft were unable to destroy roads
  • Right Click Menu Displayed “Build Road” when it would be Destroy.
  • HE landing when on top of another air unit would lead to a crash
  • Two Units stacked in tree view were not always appropriately displayed vertically
  • Windows Itch App Version Released
  • OSX Itch App Version Released
  • HE on explore could get into game crash situation
  • Bumping into unspotted units now makes them visible
  • Load and unload buttons activated in tree view
  • Enhanced Player got a little upset if he saw something while attacking something else
  • A sighting (not really there) that could not be seen by the unit moving into its location would corrupt a game.
  • Friendly Movement Time delay added to options
  • Line Drawing cleanup had the potential to cause exceptions, preventing other lines from being drawn.
  • Enhanced Player struggled with stack 1 games in flyover situations.
  • Expanding Player and Classic Player had potential issues with Nuked cities
  • Missiles now marked as used after detonations
  • Linux and OSX windowed sizing correct at startup
  • localization.xml was being distributed in the incorrect directory
  • Name Files were not all Unicode. If you have already installed the game, these files will not be replaced automatically. You must copy them manually from /install to /unitnames. Only real change was GE.

    Build 003 - released 12/01/2017

  • Units dug-In were loaded in Load Instant
  • Expanding Player was trying to build fighters in Basic Unit Set Games
  • Some Platforms would fail trying to send email
  • SSL emailing was not correct
  • Window size issue for Linux _may_ be repaired.

    Build 002 - released 11/28/2017

  • Potential Crash Error resolved in StandardAI (Enhanced Player)

    Build 001 - released 11/27/2017

  • First EA release

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