Empire Deluxe Enhanced Edition

Version 4.011 Patch Manual Notes

Version 4.011 (10-01-2012)

General Fixes

- Compiled in VS 2010
- Adjusted internals to control messages from getting lost to clients
- Adjusted tab sizes due to WINE discrepancies
- If default queue sorting is closest loc, queue will resort with each active unit
- Removed Possibility of hang on “end game” option in PBM
- Removed some obscure cheat capability for pbm games (shame on me, shame on you)
- Switching from Network Play to PBEM required a non-intuitive step
- Tool Tips for the Map not always working correctly
- Fixed other minor issues reported over time
- Rare occasion city shows as previous owner after being captured
- Totally random city placement actually means totally random
- Cleaned up city selection option
- DB Versions added to summary
- Auto saved games could cause problems when being used for PBM
- Reduced Size of no/unknown production string in map display
- Auto Production Remote Packet fixed
- Added Date String to Game Summary
- Added Production Calculator
- Added “Send Home” Command on out of range warning dialog
- 'Stealth Fire' enabled units now do not show fire arc when firing.
- Fighters were bombing at 50% when they should be at 33%
- Unit Report Data can now be exported to xml
- Game Clock underneath re-engineered
- Can Only Save a game during your turn
- Queue sorts by location now resort at every active unit
- Added Key Bind Capability for Battle Odds and Production Calculators
- Satellites Destroyed during launch were sending wrong results to the client.
- Added DB Modifier “Crippled When Exhausted”
- Ground Units with range were starting with 0 movement when placed outside a host.
- Added Portage data in status line for host units that do not have unlimited capacity

AI Specific

- AI Re-save not setting origin/capital position correctly for mission calculations
- If the geography is just right, AI Player could get confused in early exploration and oscillate his exploration assets
- AI Player has changed the way some assets are assigned missions
- Fixed some AI DLL stability issues
- Fixed other minor issues reported over time
- AI Player slightly more efficient in large games, still room for improvement
- AI Player was using arty on neutral cities
- AI was not behaving with the game clock in use

Version 4.009 (9-10-2007)

General Fixes

- AI player would crash if all koth areas were immediately visible in the beginning.
- Some configs with certain exclusions could crash game on start up
- Patrol Path with base could crash under certain circumstances
- Auto Production Messages in network games with multiple starting cities was causing something nasty to happen
- Updated compression code to try and avoid level 20 unknown errors
- Air Transports the cannot meet range to drop off assault units could begin endless loop in AI
- Certain conditions on hot seat game restarts could crash
- Worked towards string translations – not complete, contact mok @ kbs for details

Version 4.008

General Fixes

- Unknown icon for missing custom db unit pictures
- Order points path orders could cause problems with unit execution.
- Custom World Build DLL problems emerged from mismatched interfaces
- Game Summary Error On Units DLL Name
- Code Error observed in WB exposed code
- When DLL are being used in map making, checks not set on config loading
- Water type new terrain was not mixing properly with other water squares when displayed on a map.
- Terrain Reference for unit editor not properly loading at times
- CTF and KOTH locations not read in sync in PBEM games
- Minor AI Adjustments
- Units instantly commanded would sometimes not stop on sightings
- AI was having errors in saved KOTH games

Additional Notes

Fixed HotSeat client info link in this document. Read more info on hot seat play here

Version 4.007

General Fixes

- Binaries updated to visual studio version 8.0
- Gifts that get destroyed before deliver do not crash game
- Mouse Drawn Move paths would cause repeated bomber attacks without a chance to break
- Added throttle for screen change speed
- Added Throttle for unit location change speed
- Dup Error was possible in some PBM cases
- AI Exploration counts could get corrupted
- Resource Display in status bar wider to accommodate resource sharing
- Regicide unit could be chosen and yet removed from the database before play.
- Damaged Transport portage could be exploited.
- Path description was off on certain wrap map crossovers
- Stealth range firers were revealed in combat report
- Team play city capture, sighting would disappear for teammate
- Handicap of 0 in Battle Odds Calculator would cause a crash
- Loading a scenario without a supporting DB would crash game, now it exits
- Minimize and Close buttons added to "Initializing" Dialog on game loads
- Added Def Fire With 1 Mv Point Attribute
- View menus were not right in view mode
- Units dropped on a mine may not survive
- Some Drain calculations persisted even with drain turned off
- Manipulation of order point display could cause a crash
- Bombardment in storms allowed ships to run aground
- Units adjacent to other owner's units were not always being marled as having seen something.

New Player Preferences:
"Throttle Screen Change Spd" - some players disliked the rapidity with which the screen
changed while switching locations. This throttle speed will introduce two pauses if the
screen reference view has to change in unit processing: One before it changes, then
one immediately after it changes location. Value is in milliseconds.

"Throttle Loc Change Spd" - some players disliked the rapidity with which the screen changed
while switching locations. This throttle speed will introduce a pause if a unit is reported
to have changed location. Value is in milliseconds.

New Unit Abilities
Added Def Fire With 1 Mv Point Attribute
Units with this flag on may now participate in defensive fire if they have one movement
point left, regardless of whether or not they have moved.

Version 4.006

General Fixes
- More AI DLL hangs prevented
- Wrong version saved games crash game
- Remote client lockup problem solved.

Transporters do not interrupt units constructing/mining (SB EN)
- Range Fire misses are indicated in status line (now says missed)
- Full unit travel path displayed (pre-traversed as well) when showing unit orders
- Times specified for mines and road building
- Readiness Graphic Display Altered to show level as well as value.
- Number of units left to be produced now displayed in Production Tab.,

Resource Drain Indicator Added To status Bar
- Added Report Functions:
    Select All
    De-Select All
    Remove Selected From Set
- Group move to added
- Forward Unit and Previous Unit Commands added
- Different (faster) blink speed when a sighting occurs.
- Add "no fatigue in fire" flag for database

- "Can Dive Crippled" Flag cause problems with diving units.
- Auto-Processing of Supply Order would cause unit to be ignored.
- PBM games can crash in certain resignation situations
- Network protocol cause problems in buy points games
- Auto-loading check for units producing or constructing
- Range units would sometimes find a new home when they could reach their previously assigned landing destination.


Manual Notes for 4.006:

No Fatigue In fire Flag

    A unit with this flag will not lose readiness when conducting range fire. No units in the Enhanced Database have this flag.

Control -> Previous Unit Menu Option

    This menu option will allow the player to select the unit previously commanded.

Control -> Forward Unit Menu Option

    This menu option will allow the player to select the unit that was ordered after the previous unit was selected. (only good if previous command was used).

Group Move

    Players may now make a group box around units, and in the group dialog select the Group Move option, then double left click on the intended destination location.

Group Move (Top Only)

    Players may now make a group box around units, and in the group dialog select the Group Move option, then double left click on the intended destination location. Only units that are not hosted will receive this order.

Group Button Options

Status Bar Drain Indicator

    A display box showing the units before drain is now displayed to the left of the game turn display on the status bar.

Version 4.005

- Removed Rare combat Locking When Using Mouse to Fight
- Version Number Checking on Saved Games was incorrect

Version 4.004

-AI Script Directory paths made relative in Config files
-Accepting gifted cities with entities inside was causing DUP errors and possible crashes
-Fixed Nested Stacking bug
-Fixed a few AI player hangs and crashes associated with "UltraDB".
-Weights for Random map making not properly displayed.
-Siege combat losses reported incorrectly in the status message
-Switch from PBM to Network could cause a crash in certain cases
-ROE lines in AI scripts could cause crashes on startup
-Fixed the Exploit exploit
-Added Some protection for other AI lockups - issue still not completely resolved
-Added some protection for lockups when using event throttles - issue still not completely resolved

Additional Functionality
-Added Hot Seat Client

This is a new executable you can use to play hot-seat. Read more info here:

-Adjusted blank screen rules and blank display

Additional Unit Attributes
These were added in response to request improvements to the "UltraDB"

-Added "Move Launch" attribute, units may be able to move on the same turn as launch
-Added "Move Re-entry" attribute, units may be able to move on the same turn as re-entry
-Added Stealthy Range Fire Attribute, unsighted unit that fires will not be uncovered in this case.
-Added Not A Siege unit attribute flag, unit will not defend in a siege case if flagged
-Added "No Crash" flag for air/orbital/sub units - no crash for those types if flagged
-Added "Drain Range On Stop" for Carry Data - unit will lose all range if it is stopped if flagged
-Added "Morph Only Hosted" flag -unit will only be allowed to morph in the host if flagged, morph hosted must be set as well.

Version 4.003

-Scripted AI would crash on game restarts
-Orbital Units were gaining an additional range point on launch
-Units were able to dive and rise inside a host
-Unit DB Versions not properly saved
-Nested stacking could be exploited in tree view
-Default Sort and Processing Pauses were not being saved to user prefs in game
-Remove Crash Case on Deleting order in production alert check
-Quick Order Points Manual Mode was not displaying leg-lengths

Version 4.002

Transition Patch correction for trial test - no real notes.

Version 4.001

Rules Clarifications/Changes

Rules Clarification : Construction

    A unit cannot construct another unit while hosted.

Resource Exploitation

A bug was preventing Oil Facilities from providing the proper amount of supply. This has been adjusted.

Unit Set Fixes

Unit Set Changes will not be implemented until the trial patch evaluation period  is over and version 4.02 has been released.

Truck description should show that a Truck can load a truck.

Manual did not specify that HE cannot enter mountain and peak terrain.

Defense value of the SS in the manual should be noted as 1

Helicopters will be able to carry Supply Units

Deep Subs will not be able to see Trucks

Additions for 4.001

The following is a list of additional features added to the game.

- Added Processing Pause capability

Players may now slow down the automatic processing of units. To do this, edit the preferences for a player, and under Speed Settings find the option Throttle Unit Processing Speed. If you enable this, enter the time between unit processing in milliseconds you wish to have.

- Added Strategic Map

The Strategic Map is simply a pixilated color map stretched to the size of a window, useful for players to see what the entire world looks like. This window may be stretched or squashed to any size. Clicking on a location in the Strategic Map will center that location in the regular map screen. Using the menu option Strategic Map -> Show Units will toggle unit positions on and off.

-Comment Lines starting with "#" can now be in NAM files

Name files can have a line that will not be read as a name if it starts with the "#" character.

- Added Terrain Only view

This option is only accessible if the appropriate hot key is bound, and is related to "Ground View" and "Orbital View".  "Terrain Only View" will hide all units.

- Added Single Click Movement for Adjacent Squares Option

With this option enabled, players can click on a square adjacent to the active unit and that will instruct that unit to attempt to move in that square. This will only work if the square is empty.

To enable this option, in player preferences find the Processing Pauses Menu, or in Game, find the Control->Processing Pauses menu, and enable/disable the Single Click Move toggle.

- Looping for unit movement sounds can be toggled

Players are now able to "un-loop" the movement sounds of units while playing the game. Under the Sounds menu, toggle "No Movement Loop".

- Added No Production Till Eff Option in Modal Prod Dialog

In the production dialog, an "Alert" button and a number box have been added next to the None - No Production option button. If None is selected, the user may depress the Alert Button and enter the production efficiency that will cause an alert for the city. when this efficiency is reached, the city's production dialog will reappear prompting the user for additional orders.

- Added Alerts for production pop-ups for no production and limited production

if a user enters a limited production amount in the production dialog,  the production dialog will reappear upon completion of the specified number of units.

- Added Use of Hotkeys in reports

Limited Hot-Key usage is now available to the selected unit in a report.

- Added Double Click for Focus Unit in Reports

Double clicking on a line in a unit report will put that unit in focus.

- Added Select Top Producer Hotkey

If this hot-key is bound, when pressed, it will make the top unit in a square that is a producer (normally a city) become the active unit.

- Added Activate Host Hotkey

If this hot-key is bound, it will make the host of the current active unit the active unit.

- Added Base-Patrol via mouse

Like a repeated path, a Base-Patrol path can now be setup with the mouse. To enable this, the unit must be currently active and hosted by the intended base. Draw the path with the mouse as desired, then hold down the CONTROL key as and release the  Left-Mouse Button. This will give the unit the Base Patrol order along the path.

- Added Escort Mode Key Command

If this hot-key is bound, pressing it will activate Escort Mode. In this mode, the next unit clicked is the unit the active unit will escort,. Press ESCAPE to exit the mode without making a selection.

- Added Game Description and Title to hosting preferences.

The Game Description and Title used in the connections Tab of the Game Setup will now be saved as part of a Configuration.

- Added explosion timer (combat speed)

Players may adjust the combat speed by adjusting the Explosion animation Timer. This can be done via the Player Preferences setting, under the Speed Settings Section, with the "Explosion Time (ms)" entry. This will give the explosion time animation frame-rate in milliseconds. This is NOT the length of time combat takes. There are six frames in every explosion.

- Added Display Of Location Text

Location Text comments made by the player can now be toggled by the appropriate hot key or using the Display->Toggles->Location Text menu option in the game.

- Added *.DAT File Format (forced by some European mailers) can now be dropped and loaded on the game icon

When using MAPI for PBM play some operating systems appear to demand the extension of the saved game file be changed from *.esg to *.DAT. Players may now take the *.DAT file they receive from a player and drop it on the game icon and the game will startup with the saved game loaded.

- Added Ability to move entries up and down in AI Registry

Players may now change to order of entries in the AI registry by selecting the entry to be moved and pressing either the up or down buttons. The order is relevant to how AI types appear in the game setup during player type selection.

- Added Ability to blank screen

Players may now "blank" their screens to prevent wandering eyes from viewing sensitive information. This IS NOT a screen lock. It can be toggled via the Display-Toggles-Blank Screen menu option.

- Added Menu option to delete resources in editor popup menu.

In the editor, players may right Click on a square with a resource and see the additional popup-menu option "Delete Resource" if applicable.

- Added Cannot Drop Units Attribute

An additional unit attribute has been added, this is "Cannot Drop Units". It can be adjusted under the Transport Tab in the editor.

If this attribute is checked, the unit will never be allowed to drop units it is transporting.


Fixes/Changes for 4.001
These changes are from bug reports users have been kind enough to submit.

- Fixed Message Display Time
- Speed Throttle flags we not correctly reported
- "NULL" now can be used as a valid sound file without an error message
- Neutral Color Changes were not being reflected in the game
- Reentry speed and range not properly displayed or used
- AI was not building subs
- Reports Can Be Maximized
- Production and Construction Orders were not properly sorted in reports
- Important Cities were not coming out the right number in random maps
- Current Unit Now Drawn over labels
- Readiness was changing in when not in use in rules (did not effect combat)
- Changed Patrol - to "Patrol Path (with base)"
- "Patrol -" order would hang if only the base location was selected
- Added alert orders in order points to prevent endless loop situations when unit ordered does not
- If in setup you first excluded a unit for a player then excluded it globally, it would cause a crash on restart.
- Disband confirmation message box was hidden behind report window
- Units morphing would lose transported units
- Ranged units in transport when they could not be refueled were still losing range
- Tool tip and Sighting Age Preferences not properly loaded from set preferences
- Friendly Block was clearing escort orders
- Player Names Displayed instead of Open/Computer on restarts.
- Active Player Indicated in Game Restarts
- Loading a map and then changing the unit database could sometimes cause problems.
- Computer Player was not initializing properly in PBM games
- Stabilized minor crash situations
- Repeated Multiple movment orders were sometimes not carried out properly on repeated rounds
- Resolved occasional mutex errors when client is on the same machine
- Saying "no" on the abort save in PBM would just bring back the yes/no box
- Reveal cities as neutrals was indicating enemy capital cities
- In reveal cities as neutral games, player starting positions were being revealed.
- When transported, A unit could morph into a unit that could not be carried by the host
- Resignation/Abdication could cause a hang if user had the end-of-turn-prompt on