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Welcome to Killer Bee Software's

Empire Deluxe Mobile Edition


Mark Kinkead

Empire Deluxe original programming by
Mark Lewis Baldwin
Bob Rakosky

Based on Walter Bright's original game
Empire, Wargame of the Century

Unit and Terrain Artwork by
Anthony Affrunti, a.k.a. Wydraz

Empire Deluxe, Mobile Edition, Copyright (c) 2013
by Mark Kinkead, Killer Bee Software
All Rights Reserved

Random Number Generator, Mersenne Twister
Makoto Matsumoto

Extra Special Thanks
Andrew Platfoot, Mike Kent

Special Thanks
Jim Bushnell, AJ Tsoukalas,
Andrew Nuxoll, Andrew Peiman,
Andy Young, Barry Marks
Paul Boggs, Dave Bott,
Jeffery Wisnniewki,
Jonathan Krall, Michael Wallack,
Merek Chroust, Mark Wehrman,
Eric Kinkead, Paul Woolverton,
David Sonneborn, Skip Franklin
Tim Jordan, Greenlee Brittnum


Empire Deluxe, the world's greatest game, is part of the history of the Empire Series that is now in it's 5th decade. While other games have come and gone, Empire Deluxe is a beloved classic and continues to shine on year after year.

It is with great pleasure that I bring you the Mobile Edition, allowing you to play games on the go!

I want to thank you for playing the game, and encourage you to check out the PC-based versions of Empire Deluxe available at killerbeesoftware.com .

A brief history of Empire Deluxe

Empire Deluxe was first released in 1993 by Mark Baldwin and Bob Rakosky, of White Wolf Productions under the publishing of New World Computing. Its inspiration came from Empire, Wargame of the Century, released circa 1988, also programmed by Baldwin, and under the publishing of Interstel. That game was based upon the 1970's Unix version of Empire, Wargame of the Century by Walter Bright.

The 1993 Empire Deluxe was released to great acclaim, and had been listed as one of "Game Spy's Greatest Game of All Time". The game had a huge following of fans.

In 2001, one of those fans, Mark Kinkead of Killer Bee Software, acquired the rights to Empire Deluxe . In 2002, Killer Bee Software released Empire Deluxe Internet Edition for the Windows PC. This version was very close to the original 1993 release.

Killer Bee Software then followed with Empire Deluxe Enhanced Edition in 2003 also on the Windows PC, adding some new rules and units.

Empire Deluxe Internet Edition and Empire Deluxe Enhanced Edition are still available at Killer Bee Software.

Empire Deluxe Mobile Edition marks the beginnings of the fifth decade for the Empire Series, with many more decades to come. A true accomplishment very few computer games can hold claim to.

About Killer Bee Software

Killer Bee Software began in 2001 as Mark Kinkead's pursuit to preserve the games he loves. It has been Killer Bee Software's mission to keep Empire Deluxe and The Perfect General alive, during a time when classic games were being lost or forgotten.

Killer Bee Software is at its core a true independent game developer. Born from the apocalypse that was Enron, and started back before "being independent" was in vogue, it is a very small software shop, namely one guy in a garage writing code, with the support of a loving family, some friends, fans, and some friendly pets.

It is my hope that you enjoy the game as much as I have. If you have questions, comments, or just want to see what's up with Killer Bee Software, please visit http://killerbeesoftware.com .

In memory of Bob Rakosky, the ghost in the machine.

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