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Cool Extra Stuff For
Empire Deluxe: Internet Edition

Here you will find some extra files and links that will further your Empire Deluxe Internet Edition Experience.


Dietmar Varga's Graphics for EDIE -

Sjaak Van Kleef offers these "More Challenging" WWII scenarios -

Three interesting maps submitted by "scroobyblue"

  1. "The Jackal of Nar"
  2. "Betrayal At Krondor"
  3. "What earth will look like in 2012 according to G. Scallions prophecy of a great earthquake deluge thing"

A map Tim Allies says takes a "looooong time"

Toby Vaughn's muted units

Toby Vaughn's (a/k/a "XianV") personal adjustements to the muted terrain set

Fubster's World Building DLL for EDIE - a world building DLL

Six Huge 256 x 256 maps by Dave Munson in his 'series'. - Updated January 15th, 2004 - Skip Franklin's EDIE background images. - Updated February 28th, 2004 - Skip Franklin likes to compete against 300 wargame designers. (replaces LEADER.NAM) - Wydraz sent me a muted terrain set for those who want some softer colors. - Wydraz's Space Age Terrain and Units! - A program to extract map and scenario statistics. - My old map and scenario collection,,  converted to the new format. - Skip Franklin from Web Grognards has sent me these name files. - Updated May 29th, 2003

  • Carriers - All IJN and USN carriers
  • Battleships - All IJN and USN battleships + other countries
  • Cruisers - All IJN and USN heavy and light cruisers + other countries
  • Destroyers - All IJN and all sunk USN destroyers
  • Submarines - All USN submarines (maybe)
  • Transports - USN APA Attack Transports.

    Sjaak Van Kleef offers these two Battle of Britain Scenarios -

    Sjaak Van Kleef offers this WWII Variation -

    (Many more scenarios are surfacing on the Yahoo Message Board)


    - Fubster's World Building DLL for EDIE Site
    - Mendel's Empire Stuff (very unit graphics set oriented at the moment).
    - Some Unit Set work by Gryphin
    - Empire Deluxe Ladder Site
    - Empire Deluxe Yahoo Group
    - (German)
    - Empire Deluxe Tourney
    - Walter Bright's Classic Empire
    - Cruzan Wallis' Maps/Scenarios for ED



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