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Additional Changes and Features For
The Perfect General Internet Edition

Release Date: Was Released August 14th, 2003!

Here are the additional features that I am going to try to add to The Perfect General Internet Edition. Below is a major feature category, and the sub-features which will be implemented. The percentage value with each sub-feature are my current rating/prioritizing to make the feature part of the release. There is the possibility that not all features listed will be in the release. A 100% sub-feature means it is already implemented in my current build, a 99% means it is not implemented but a priority item ("next on the list" or "no issues to implement").

My practice is to get all of these features in the first beta version if they are to move on towards release. Some features that make the Beta may not be in the final release.

Once the game is re-released, I do not plan to add any new features unless absolutely necessary. I plan instead to put the effort into plannig an Enhanced Edition. The game will of course be patched if bugs are exposed.

Some features have different priorities for various reasons. The reasons include time to implement, risk to existing code base, and desirability. My priorities may not be yours. If there are particular features you wish to discuss, please send me a mail or post in the forum. I will be happy to explain or discuss them.

Multi Player Support:

  • IP address Playable between attacker and defender (100%)
  • Chat messaging interface (100%)

    Graphical Enhancements

  • Windowed Environment (100%)
  • New Terrain and Unit Graphics (100%)
  • All graphics exposed so that they can be edited or replaced (100%)

    General New Features

  • 32 bit application that works on Modern Microsoft Windows Operating Systems (100%)
  • Different zoom levels for map viewing (100%)
  • All original scenarios included (100%)
  • Password protection on saved games for human to human play (0%)**
  • HTML Presentation of long description (100%)
  • Auto Save option (100%)
  • Statistics Displayed at the end of each turn (0%)**
  • Counting of Friendly fire arty kills (100%)
  • Additional statistics to be added to player and scenario history (100%)


    Users are able to change all sounds in the game (100%) Unique sounds for each of the different units in movement and fire (100%)

    Game Editor

  • Separate Editor program to make maps and scenarios (100%)
  • Ability to add additional terrain types (attributes and images) to the game (100%)
  • Maps and scenarios will have meaningful names (100%)

    Possible Game Play Additions **

  • Option for Hidden Mines (100%)
  • Victory Points Awarded for terrain changes (or not changed) (100%)
  • Optional Game can end on a specified Victory point amount (100%)
  • Option for victory points to be awarded for unit kills (100%)
  • Option for Victory points applied against friendly kills (100%)
  • Probabilistic weather events in scenarios (100%)
  • Optional Time Clock for each phase (100%)

    What was in the old game that is NOT going to be the same?

  • No COM port or MODEM support

    * Notes

    ** Possible Game Play Additions: Any changes to gameplay in "The Perfect General" will be presented as "options" in the scenario rules.

    ** Statistics Displayed at the end of each turn: This feature was scratched. Too much information would be revealed to the opponent.

    ** Password protection on saved games for human to human play: This feature deemed unnecessary due to the way remote games are saved and loaded.

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