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What's The Buzz?

November  24, 2011

Santa Sarge has Arrived!     [mok]



Santa Sarge, Killer Bee's high precision marketing tool has now been deployed for the holiday season.  Here's wishing you a safe and happy holidays.


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November  3, 2011

Santa Sarge is Imminent!     [mok]

Santa Sarge will soon be making his yearly appearance. Perhaps with the New Year we will have some interesting news. It's always hard to tell.

March  6, 2011

The Answer Is Yes!    [mok]

And the question is, do the games work with Windows 7,  64 bit?   We have many people playing with Windows 7.

After a hibernation period I am wishing everyone a happy 2011.   Not much to post here at this time, but perhaps this year we will see some developments.


December  15, 2010

UltraDB mod Updated!    [mok]


Santa Sarge is thrilled to say that he has been notified that the UltraDBMod has been updated. You can find info on it here.

There are other mods floating around which are getting updated as well. Sarge says that the SoloMod has been updated recently. Info on that is available in the Yahoo Group.


November 29, 2010

Santa Sarge Has Arrived!    [mok]


Another Thanksgiving Day come and gone. Time for Santa Sarge to save the day! I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Season.

I am getting word for the ULTRA-DB MOD creator "Oblivion" that version 16 of UltraDB will be coming soon. Since My forum is still in a state of paralysis, I will be posting the info for that mod here. Stay tuned, Santa Sarge will let you know.


October 5, 2010

Swarm is 'Under Construction'    [mok]

Well, it has been a quiet year for new development activity but not for spam. I am taking the swarm forum offline as it has become a spam nightmare.

I would encourage anyone wanting to join the Empire Deluxe community to visit the Empire Deluxe Yahoo Group and for The Perfect General the The Perfect General Yahoo Group to discuss the games, strategies and modifications. Please do not post technical questions for me there.

If you have technical questions or a private question, please contact me directly via email at: mok at

January 18, 2010

Happy New Year!    [mok]

Not much to report at this time, except to hope this new year finds you well and playing Empire or Perfect General.

November 29, 2009

Santa Sarge Has Arrived!    [mok]


Turkey Day has passed,  and as promised, Santa Sarge is making an appearance. Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season. Great time to relax with one of your favorite all time games.

Rumor has it Windows 7 is going to cause a patch update soon for EDEE.  I already have it in testing now. The game does work, but there are some minor issues. If you are running seven and think you have discovered an issue, please let me know.

November 07, 2009

Santa Sarge Will Be Seen This Year!    [mok]

I am still busy with "other pursuits" as this year draws to a close. Wanted to mention that I am always available via email if you have questions. Am extremely busy, but I am determined to at least make sure that Santa Sarge will pop out as soon as turkey day comes.  Remember I can always be contacted via email if you have any questions.

New players are discovering Empire Deluxe and Perfect General everyday. For PGIE fans, don't forget to check out the  Challenge Site , as well as the other forums and sites for the games.

Make sure as the holiday season approaches, you make time to relax, and play your favorite games.

August 07, 2009

And Yet, Another Anniversary    [mok]

And now It has been six years since  The Perfect General Internet Edition was released in 2003. People are still enjoying that one as well, as evidenced by the recent Spring Struggle Tourney.

As those that care may have noticed, I have not been around as often as of late.   Also, I have not posted a status report, but I am still answering email and hope to get the reports back up soon. Status basically is I am busy with other activities. No movement on any other front from my perspective.

But others are busy too...and  in the right way. A lot of modding activity form what I can tell on the  EDEE Mod Group boards, and at Salient Games . Make sure you sign up for the forums of interest below and share your war stories/ideas.


May 20, 2009

Another Anniversary    [mok]

It has been six years since   Empire Deluxe Internet Edition  was released in 2003,  and it is still going strong.  Though Empire Deluxe Enhanced Edition has proven more popular, fans of this classic continues to experience many battles, victories and defeats.  People often ask which is the best version, and ultimately, it comes to a matter of taste.

The fan-based  Spring Struggle Tourney for  The Perfect General Internet Edition is now in its final rounds. Judging from the after action reports, there have been some pretty tight games. It is such a wonderfully balanced game, this is no surprise. Also, I have been meaning to post another fan site of the game, , which appears to want more such conflicts to occur.


March 15, 2009

Spring Is Coming - Still Time to Struggle!   [mok]

I have been casually watching the current tourney for  The Perfect General Internet Edition and there are definitely games going every week. I think a couple of people had to drop, so they may have some slots, as Karwane posted this on his email list:

Our running tourney spawns off at least three times as many games
for practice as there are "official" games in the tourney (it's amazing).
If you have avoided the tourney because of its time demand you can still
seize the opportunity to play an occasional game with the guys who
want to practice.

If you wish to get in contact with those players leave a message here or
browse our tourney webpage at You can also find
particular players through their Yahoo-names in the Yahoo-messenger or
sign up to our dedicated mailing list if you want to be kept up-to-date
with the events of the tourney.

Everybody is welcome!

The history page is cool to look at and review the results. Check it out.


March 1, 2009

Soon Is A Relative Term  [mok]

Soon means a month and a half I suppose. ..but I finally have released the first 2009 status report which kind of just quickly runs through why it has been so quiet. Basically, I got busy doing other things.

But  Empire Deluxe and the Perfect General are doing just fine. Plenty of stuff going on....some really cool stuff too.... Read the report.

January 16, 2009

Spring Struggle!  [mok]

With the new year there is a small tourney forming up for  The Perfect General Internet Edition Folks are talking about it on The Perfect General Yahoo Group . The "Spring Struggle" website can be found here.

Poor Santa Sarge did not come out last holiday season, and I am due a status report in which I should tell you why. I will try to get one out soon.

November 11th, 2008

Warcraft Mods!  [mok]

Well, the WoW mods have been updated to work with 3.0. :  WOW Mods .

October 19th, 2008

Status Stuff!  [mok]

A mystery AI project for Empire Deluxe Enhanced Edition?   Graffitti's Mazes  of Fate released?   What does this mean for Graphitti's Empire Deluxe DS ?  World of Warcraft  mods are broken again?

Check out all this in the latest status report !

September 18th, 2008

The Ike Spike  [mok]

Hurricane Ike passed over my house and took me down last Friday night. Watched the 60 mph sustained winds in the yard for six hours or so.  Just got back online today. Chef Boyardee has been fixing my meals and I had to cook some water as well. Tons of fun.  Thanks heavens the Houston weather was cool.

Anyway, if you had not heard from me yet, now you know why.  If you sent something to me and don't hear from me real soon, do not hesitate to send me another mail.

August 27th, 2008

Blast From the Past  [mok]

I was a huge fan of both versions of Dungeon Keeper, and some folks may remember that I wrote an editor and random map maker for Dungeon Keeper II. turns out these games are still alive and people are playing them. It got me looking over the game again as well. What a brilliant game it was. I have updated the DKII page with some forum links for those that are interested.

Wydraz worked with me on that DKII editor project. He sent me a nail recently, evidently he is into the modeling game "Spore". He is running a site called "Spore Monkey". Check it out.

August 17th, 2008

"The Vista Question" and a Phat-Yaffle Plug  [mok]

Many times I have been asked if Empire Deluxe Enhanced Edition works on MS Vista. Several users are using it on Vista without issue. If you are a Vista user and want to be sure your self, try out the demos to make sure.

Also, here is a simple plug for Phat-Yaffle, the 'beta' website for Graphitti Entertainment.  Graphitti is trying to build a gamers' website where you can play games and such off of their website.  Some of the games require a registration, but others do not. They boast various titles, some of which you might recognize, and it looks like they sponsor tourneys for the games.   When the next version of Empire Deluxe is made by them, it is supposed to appear there, so keep your eye on it.

July 21st, 2008

 No Too Much To Say  [mok]

I have posted a status update, but it is a very slow time this summer. Just letting you know I am still alive and kicking.  Here is the link.

However, it is not slow for Empire Deluxe or Perfect General play. Check out the links below to find more resources and fellow strategists for the games. And keep your eye on Salient Games as there may be a tourney over there soon.

June 21st, 2008

 (Virtually) Moved   [mok]

After five or so years, it finally came time for a new computer. So my status report is yet again delayed. This update is proof I finally have it set up to do web updates so I will try and get to that status real soon.

Hopefully, everyone is enjoying their summer. Hopefully there is some time for Empire Deluxe or Perfect General with a nice cool glass of something (or a warm glass of something if you are down under...)



May 3rd, 2008

Let's Create Some Buzz  [mok]

It looks like Graphitti Entertainment has their forum up, and guess what? They have an Empire Deluxe topic for their upcoming PC and DS version of the game.  I say it would not hurt to go to the forum and register, and ask some questions about the game if you are curious. Let's see who's first....

Big news over at Salient Games is "It's a Girl!". Congratulations to breaker and his wife on the next generation of Empire player.  Also, I am seeing some increased chatter from several mod-makers over there. That site seems to be a good place to find the available mods and chat with the mod makers. You should go check it out.

Also, Warcraft Mods have now been repaired to work with 2.4 Get them here: WOW Mods

April 7th, 2008

Status Report Now Here  [mok]

Ok, I have logged in my next status report, in which I discuss in depth my outlook on the latest upcoming version of Empire Deluxe. I also disclose some info that has not yet been revealed about the platform. It is all very exciting. You can find the link to it it here.

Also, I have received word that the latest Warcraft patch (2.4 I believe) breaks the mods. I will try to attend to that soon.

March 8th, 2008

Status Report in Limbo...  [mok]

I am waiting to clear up the RTS statement in the Signature Devices Press Release before I post a status report, so it could still be another couple of weeks (I have gotten several questions on this subject). The guys over there have been quite busy with the GDC conference and their first release of another game, Mazes of I have not pushed for the response from the CEO, though I have talked with others in the company. Needless to say the word from those sources is the use of 'RTS' in this case was an error,  but I have not received official confirmation as of yet. I will post about it when I get that.

February 5th, 2008

Signature Devices Announces Empire Deluxe Version  [mok]

Signature Devices has released a press release regarding my agreement with them for a new version of Empire Deluxe.

They are located here:  Press Release is here:

I will have more on this when I put out my (now a week late) status report.

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