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Killer Bee Software is pleased to be restoring and enhancing Mark Baldwin's two best classic games for strategy gamers

Empire Deluxe

Screenshot from 90's version of Empire Deluxe

The greatest game of strategic global conquest is alive! Empire Deluxe was first released in the mid-1990's and became one of the best strategy games of all time. Still well played and loved by many gamers, the comeback of this classic is a dream come true! - more info

The Perfect General

Screenshot from 90's version of The Perfect General

Written in the early 90's and lost under the wheels of technological progress, this sweet and simple game of abstract tactical tank warfare is responsible for countless hours of pure fun for gamers. Though it was lost, it has not been forgotten, and now it will enter the modern age of strategic gaming where generals from around the world will compete to truly decide who will be The Perfect General. - more info

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