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December, 2004

Welcome to the latest version of the Empire Series,  Empire Deluxe Enhanced Edition.  It has been a tremendous experience to write this game. I personally do not remember when I became an Empire fan specifically, but it was at some point with Interstel's release of Empire, Wargame Of The Century that I became hooked. I can remember countless nights staying up way too late playing the game.

With the advent of Empire Deluxe in 1993, I became even more hooked.  To satisfy my thirst for the infinite supply of maps and scenarios, I started the Empire Deluxe Scenario and Map page on the Internet, which would run for ten years. I found email play with others a great challenge, and participated in many of the PBEM and "Live" tourneys that took place over the Internet. When I would go on business travel around the country, I would meet up with people I had never met, but had played numerous games with, and we would talk for hours about the most nerdly thing: this wonderful little computer game.

Like many of you out there, I was a junkie, an addict, and never had desired rehabilitation.

But a few years after the release of Empire Deluxe, the game entered a state of suspended animation, preserved and kept live by the community that had grown playing it on the Internet. The community slowly shrank as game companies pursued more lucrative markets or went bankrupt (or both), and by the new millennium, the Empire Series, games that at one time were rated as the best out there in the gaming magazines, had slipped into virtual extinction.

When I was eventually cast out onto the streets due to the corporate scandals of Enron, I found myself with the desire to work for myself, and work on something I love. I became very interested in acquiring the rights to Empire Deluxe and the Perfect General. In December 2002, with the copyrights in hand, I let the world know that Empire Deluxe was coming back, and, Killer Bee Software was born.

 I loved Empire Deluxe, and had played it for so long, I wanted to make sure that the classic game would be preserved. So I restored the original Empire Deluxe source code and released Empire Deluxe Internet Edition in 2003. But, I have always remembered countless conversations with friends and the Empire Deluxe community about "wouldn't it be neat if..." situations, and I knew Empire Deluxe needed more. After a dozen years, it needed to grow...to evolve.

And that is where we find the latest game in the Empire Series. With Empire Deluxe Enhanced Edition, the game now has the capability to grow. Not just because some new units have been added to the game, or a few new rules, but because the players now have some freedom to stretch and adjust the game in ways they had only thought about before. It is a very exciting time, and this is a very exciting game.

Please take some time to review the manual, and learn the interface. There are many ways to do the same thing, and you might find one way more to your liking than another. Also, if you are a fellow junkie already, there will be some re-learning required. But soon I suspect you will find some of the new aspects of the game as second nature as you have for the past decade...or two...or three.

Please read the credits to see all of those who helped make this possible. And thank you for your purchase and support of this wonderful game.




The Empire Series has a 30 year history. If you have purchased the game and previous history is any indicator, this game is likely to outlast the machine you placed it on.


Also please backup the installation software.

This manual has a great deal of information in it about how to play the game itself, and how to use the game's interface. It has been separated in to various "chapters", or subject areas for you to review. Some of the sections in those chapters can be quickly accessed through the game itself, but those mostly deal with the game interface.  But for an in depth examination of the game concepts and rules, as well as the opportunities to change or customize the game, please review the index or the table of contents.


Table Of Contents

Game Manual



Table Of Contents


Game Rules And Concepts

User's Guide (User Interface)

Notes On The Enhanced Unit Set

Notes On Network Play

The Map And Scenario Editor

Using The Unit Database Editor

Using The Terrain Database Editor

Notes On AI Opponents

Notes On World Building And Unit Placement

Common Questions

Patch Notes



Killer Bee Software Presents

Empire Deluxe Enhanced Edition



Written, Produced, Directed, and Programmed By

Mark Kinkead




Artwork By

Anthony Affrunti, a.k.a. Wydraz




"Empire Deluxe Enhanced Edition", (C) 2004, Mark Kinkead, Killer Bee Software

Version 4.0


Based on Walter Bright's Original Game

"Empire, Wargame of the Century", (C) 1978 - 1986 by Walter Bright

Versions 2.0 and 1.0


"Empire Deluxe", By Mark Baldwin and Bob Rakosky, 1993

Version 3.0


"Empire Deluxe Internet Edition", (C) 2003, Mark Kinkead, Killer Bee Software

Version 3.5



The Mersenne Twister 

The Game's Random Number Generator

Provided by

Makoto Matsumoto




New Music Produced By

Lars Christian Lundholm




Play Testers

Steven Woodcock

Anthony Affrunti

Matthew Shelton

Tom Candela

David Munson

Mike Kent



Beta Testers

Andrew Peiman

Andy Young

A. John Tsoukalas

Cruzan Wallis

George Parthesis

Pete Valdon

Andrew Platfoot  (Known to all as "A")

Jon MacDonald

Antrine Kasalar

William Bird

Randy Hintz

Mark Harmer

Eric Wilson

Steven Goodenough

Skip Franklin

Philip Billington

Kevin Glaubitz

Eric "Whiney Wright" Scantlebury

Paul Archibald

Jeff Hollifield

Jim Mahar

Reggie Skupny

David Sinn

Jason Klopf

Paul Boggs

Michael Santo

Neil Wyllie

Greg Cagle

Robert Neugebauer



Special Thanks To

Mark Baldwin

Bob Rakosky


Extra Thanks To

The Beta Group For Their Tenacity And Love Of The Game